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 I am Elektra Natchios. Not even the stars are safe in the sky.
•Ariadne Nicolaides was born the only child of Crete's richest and grandest family. Kostas Nicolaides, a born leader, was a man who had started with a humble beginning, but quickly learned how to make more of himself. By the time his son, Kostas Nicolaides Jr., welcomed his first and only child was born, the Nicolaides family was at the pinnacle of greatness. Kostas Sr. has positioned the family to take almost utter control of the island, politically and financially, and the family's wealth would allow the world to be at Ariadne's fingertips. Kostas Jr. went to the best schools, commanded attention, rose through the ranks of the legal world, to come out with a top position within the government. As a result, Ariadne had access to all the best schools and was able to have an education that included world diplomatic leaders.

•At the age of fifteen, The Nicolaides family transplanted from Crete to New York City when Kostas, a Grecian ambassador, was elevated to the role of an ambassador to the United Nations. He was known in Greece for making smart, if unpopular, political moves and the shift in political landscape was both a blessing and a curse. It was deemed safer for the Nicolaides family in the United States than in Greece, given her father's growing unpopularity in his home country. His shrewed moves, both political and legal, made him many enemies. While Ariadne didn't know it, there were threats made against her life and the lives of her parents. The move from one continent to another was supposed to keep the family safe, but Kostas seemed to understimate the tide that flowed against him.

• Ariadne attended Columbia University, earning a degree in political science and went on to earn her law degree, but her pursuits of the law would be put on hold when she was 24. After attending a political gala, the factions that had been working against her parents finally hit their mark. On the way home from the gala, the car they were riding in was driven off the road and both of her parents were killed. The blow of losing both parents was devastating and Ariadne failed her first attempt at the bar exam and simply withdrew from the world. On a whim, she took advantage of an exchange program and left everything in New York behind and went to Japan to teach English and recover from her great loss.

• While in Japan, Ariadne continued to harbor vast amounts of grief and anger and on any given day, either one could threaten to overwhelm her. Her duality, composed of grief and anger, and the relatively high profile life she'd lived in New York, made her the object of attention of people with varying degrees of sincerity. In order to work out some of her aggression, Ariadne began to learn any number of martial arts. She found that, when she could channel her anger and her grief into something physical, the pain didn't seem so unbearable. One man in particular took great interest in Ariadne and he took her on as a student, and then an apprentice. He taught her ancient fighting arts and, as a result, how to deaden her emotions, or to use them to her advantage.

• As a result of her training, Ariadne becamse fixated on avenging the death of her parents, a death that was largely considered a horrible accident, but one that she knew to be cold, calculated murder. Her teacher warned her against revenge and letting her anger be her life's motivating factor, but she was a stubborn girl who was used to having people bend to her will and she didn't listen. She left Japan and returned to the United States, took the bar and passed with flying colors and began her journey as an attorney, one who worked tirelessly to get to the heart of the organization that had killed her family.

• Eventually, word got to Ariadne that those responsible were no longer in New York. They'd slunk away like the scum she knew them to be the moment they heard that the daughter of Kostas Nicolaides was back in the states and in the city. Ariadne had quickly learned that, while the law would have its place, it was who she knew and not what she knew that would get her the best results. She cultivated an underground network of informants, individuals who, at first glance, underestimated the deathly pale, pretty woman, until she mopped the floor with them. Literally. When she wasn't in court, Ariadne kept up her training, under an assumed name, and only grew stronger. It was this network of individuals who fed her information about clients she was trying, and it was this same group of people that told her where her prey was. And so Ariadne moved once again.

• She took a job in Boston and tried to live as quietly as she could, and that worked, for a while, but Ariadne was a quietly dynamic woman and as soon as she was back in the courtroom, she made a splash. In the courtroom she was ruthless. She was the kind of woman who craved power and influence and when she left New York she hadn't left behind the tendency to cultivate influence. In Boston it was easier for her to get people into her pocket, people who would feed her information, the kind of information that gave her a conviction rate that put her on the good side of some and in the cross hairs of others.

• In Boston, Ariadne encountered influences of a different kind. While no one ever wants anything for free, the people whose pockets she lined for information wanted things besides convictions in return. They wanted access and they often wanted favors, often of a different kind. Besides being a powerful lawyer, Ariadne often moonlighted as the arm candy for the rich and powerful, their girlfriend or companion for a night, a month, however long they wanted, the woman that everyone's eyes went to, the woman that every man (and woman) wanted to leave with. She was a distraction and she knew it. But it kept her in the inner circle of Boston's rich and powerful for as long as she wanted.

• Ariadne has pulled strings to put innocent men away and let guilty men off the hook if it suits her needs. Some would say she's playing the political landscape, ebbing with the tide, while others say she is corrupt. The whispers of corruption are, as of now, quiet, with those who would dare to whisper still accutely aware of who she is, who her father was, and the tragedy that struck, owing her hard nature to that tragedy, and beliving she will one day see the "error" of her ways.

• Ariadne Nicolaides has killed a man. While most would think that is in jest, or a metaphor for people she has put behind bars, given life sentences, but it is a completely serious thing.

⇢ tie-ins
• born in greece, as a greek last name that starts with n
• her middle name, giselle, is one of elektra's aliases
• father was murdered
• spent time in japan after her parents died
• has a killer instinct in the courtroom, much like elektra's assassin skills

⇢ facts

• mind switch (discern target and discern location)
• telekinesis
• telepathic communication
• precognition
• mind shield
• silent scream
• assassins instinct
• master martial artist
• weapons master
• peak human physical conditioning (olympic level gymnist and althete)
• stealth
• skilled acrobat
• expert marksman
• nervous system control
• pressure point locator
• twin sais

• elektra natchios