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balamb garden • status: benched
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//BIOGRAPHY Originally from Fisherman's Horizon, Linnea is the eldest daughter of a fisherman and a seamstress. Both of her parents are pacifists, just like many members of their small town. But ever since she was a little girl, she had been regaled with stories of SeeD and all of their adventures. It seemed only natural, at least to her, that she wanted to start an adventure of her own by going to Garden and becoming a part of the organization that had invaded her dreams since she was young. Her parents were strictly against the idea though, and tried to fill her head with "more appropriate ideas", like following in her mother's footsteps and sewing dresses all day.. Linnea fought tooth and nail against them, and her parents temporarily abandoned the idea when her younger sister was born.

Linnea didn't exactly mind the fact that she was no longer the center of her parents' attention, mostly because it gave her more time to hang around the other kids in her neighborhood. She always felt as if she had something to prove, maybe because she was one of the few girls in her group of friends and a lot of the boys teased her about it, or because she was young and didn't have the self-confidence to believe in herself. Whatever the reason, it only made her ran faster, jump higher, and play harder to prove that she could do anything they could and better.

For years, things were relatively peaceful in the Wetherel household, as Linnea had figured out that it wasn't such a wise idea to talk about SeeD in front of her parents. It wasn't until her fifteenth birthday that her dream of joining Garden was brought up again for the last time. Her parents forbade it and threatened to disown her if she even tried. Being the impulsive girl that she is, Linnea packed a bag that very night, kissed her younger sister goodbye, and ran away from home. She wasn't alone though, she was following her best childhood friend to Balamb Garden. After all, according to those bedtime stories she use to hear as a kid, the hero always had to give up something to be part of something greater.

Balamb Garden was everything she'd ever imagined, and more. She really came into her own there, fueled by her desire to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a SeeD. Linnea wrote home often, mostly to her younger sister, and even tried to return home during a winter break once. Her parents didn't acknowledge her, true to their word. She was a ghost of her former self, no longer part of the Wetherel family, a thought which has haunted her when her defenses are down and her spirit is weakened. Did she really make the right choice? Was the cost of what she had become - a strong, independent woman ready to fight tooth and nail for what she believed in - really worth the price? In the end, the answer is always yes, but she can't help but wonder, especially when she is standing on a beach somewhere far from home with the water rushing against her feet, if her younger sister feels the same way.

Traveling to places she'd only ever dreamed out, was just one of the many things that she did while training to become SeeD. Though she would never admit it aloud, competing for one of those coveted spots was one of the most terrifying things she's ever done. The nerves, anxiety, and excitment were all things she felt the closer to got to achieving everything she'd ever wanted. She thought that earning the title of SeeD would outweigh everything else, but she wasn't counting on the adrenaline rush or the overwhelming euphoria that she experienced from using para-magic. That thrill was what overshadowed everything else. With her control waning, it didn't take much to push her over a precarious ledge. Her attempt to forcibly draw para-magic from a fellow classmate caused her to not only be benched pending further investigation, but caused her eye color to dramatically change leaving her with one blue eye and one green.

Unsure of what will happen with her current status as SeeD, Linnea has been putting extra time in at the training center (read: she basically lives there). She's also been approached about staying on at Balamb as part of the facility if things don't pan out with SeeD, but she's unsure where her heart will lead her. For as long as she can remember, she's always wanted to be part of SeeD. So to be denied the opportunity to be what she's wanted most, she's not sure what she'll do instead. But ultimately, whatever happens, she'll put all her heart into it. She just hopes that there's still a chance for her to have her own adventure to find a way to make her name a part of history.

//MISCELLANEOUS full name: Linnea Rose Wetherel
nicknames: Linnie or Linn, call her anything else and she'll hit you.
age & date of birth: Twenty-two & February 12th
hometown: Fisherman's Horizon
family: Duncan Wetherel, father
Gwyn Wetherel, mother
Radella Wetherel, sister
occupation SeeD (status: benched pending official review)
relationship status: Forever Alone

personality » If there was only one word to describe Linnea, it would be a dreamer. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming SeeD and she was going to do anything to achieve that. It required her to be ambitious, assertive, and maybe even a little aggressive, but she got what she wanted. She believes that if there's something you want, you have to go and get it yourself.

» A guy's girl to the core, Linnea is a rough and tumble type of person. She can handle whatever is thrown her way, just as much as she can dish it out.

» Doesn't give her heart away freely, and only lets people get as close as she wants them. Linnea can be very guarded around people she doesn't know, which can make her come off a certain way. But around her friends, she knows how to let loose to a certain extent.

» While Linnea is generally kind of laid back, she takes her academics very seriously. It is her dream to become SeeD, so nothing can deter her from that. She studies hard, trains harder, and now it seems like her goal is so close she can practically taste it.

» There's nothing passive about Linnea when she believes strongly in something. She's fiery and passionate, stubborn almost to the point of being obnoxious with a quick temper, and she has the tendency to be incredibly impulsive. She has that shoot now, ask questions later kind of mentality, which can make her seem emotionless, especially when on the battlefield.

» Friendship is another thing Linnea is seriously passionate about. She is extremely loyal, so once you earn her trust, you'll have it for life. Her friends are her family, so she'll stick up for them no matter what, even to the point of putting her life on the line. She will be there through thick and thin for anything from a shoulder to cry on to an extra pair of hands to beat someone up. She's got your back.

//WEAPONRY & SKILLS weapon GUNBLADE: Affectionately nicknamed Man-Eater, Linnea's gunblade was specially crafted for someone with her fighting style, making it quite unique. It still bears the resemblance of the fusion of a gun and a sword, however, instead of having a firing mechanism that simply makes the blade vibrate to cause extra damage, it can be a gun or a blade, making it a nice little package of two separate entities in one. It can quickly transform from a sword to a fully functioning firearm within seconds. Because of its compact design, it doesn't have the capability of sustained fire and the ability to add attachments such as laser scopes. But it definitely gets the job done. It allows her to perform ranged attacks with deadly accuracy, the barrel and frame reinforced to allow for high velocity bullets. She can also deliver powerful sword attacks, despite her gunblade being specifically designed for mobility needs to allow for quick movements on the battlefield.

fighting style Uses a combination of magic and weapons to deal the most damage. Linnea relies on her limited knowledge of hand-to-hand combat to defeat her enemies, though her speed and agility are usually the factors that tip the scale in her favor. She doesn't have a specific fighting style or technique, and it is mostly a raw, and oftentimes messy, combination of what she's learned over the years.

guardian force Previously: Leviathan. Currently: none.

para-magic Currently: Empty arsenal. TBD.

appearance & equipment When not in the typical Balamb Garden uniform, Linnea likes to forgo the skirt all together and opt for shorts with a midriff-bearing shirt underneath a matching cropped jacket. She also has two to three large belts that she wears slung low around her hips. Not merely just for fashion purposes, she has a small carrying case attached to her right thigh by belts of the same material that can be used to hold small supplies. Her boots vary in length: the right is knee-length to accommodate the carrying case and the left is thigh high. She also wears thick gloves to keep her hands from becoming calloused. She also uses a holster to carry around her weapon. It fits snugly around her shoulders with two adjustable straps wrapped tightly across her chest, above her neckline. This way, her gunblade rests securely against her back and is easily accessible for battle. She likes the simplicity and flexibility of her outfit the most. Plus, she doesn't have to wear everything at once and can add or remove things as she likes.

...more to come!