pb: camille rowe
3rd person, past tense, storybook
adult scenes or ftb; CST
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legal name korra leigh zordel nicknames korr, zee date of birth & age may 9, 1990 & 25 birthplace topeka, kansas current residence bostonhome since 2008, ma occupation baristaworking since 2014 at starbucks relationship status single & not looking pets shreddercat/evil-genius
the girl of steel

Biography: Born on a quiet, sunny afternoon, Korra came screaming into the world - something that her father often teased her about, as she never did quiet down. Even as a baby, she was always vocal, whether it was babbling along with her mother while she sang lullabies or cooing gently while her father told her bedtime stories. Despite being the only child of Christian and Alanna Zordel, Korra never had a lonely childhood. Her parents were her best friends and playmates with time spent mostly on the jungle gym at the park near their home or setting up tea parties with dolls and stuffed animals. Not only that, but her parents were the people she confided in, cried with over a scraped up knee, laughed with when milk came out of someone's nose at the dinner table, and loved to the very ends of the earth. She had the picture perfect home life, but nothing good lasts forever.

It was around the time she started high school that her world would be turned upside down. Korra was running late for school, both of her parents rushing her to get in the car. She didn't know that her last thoughts of how annoying her mother and father were being would, in fact, be her last thoughts of them before they were in a head on collision with a semi-truck. Both her of parents died at the scene and Korra was left in a coma that would last three months before waking up and realizing that her whole life was gone. Dead and already buried in the ground. She didn't even have the chance to say good-bye.

With no relatives who could take her in, Korra ended up in the foster system, moving around from home to home, a completely different environment than the one she grew up in. Sadness and grief were emotions well-known to her when she first woke up from her coma, the emptiness so bad that she thought it would last forever, but what was most surprising wasn't that those feelings slowly faded away over the years, but that the anger and the rage were the emotions that would stick with her much longer.

Not that she was angry with her parents or the truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel and swerved into their lane, it was just so much heasier to hold onto those emotions. Anger was her anchor, her tether to this new world of nothingness and loss that she found herself alone in. People told her it was all part of the grieving process, that if she could just let herself feel it, the anger would dissipate and she could move on. But Korra was convinced that no one knew what she was going through and no one could help her. At least, no one but herself.

That's when she packed up her belongings and moved to Boston. There was nothing holding her back in Kansas, so she thought starting over might help her move on and Boston seemed like just as good a place as any. But there wasn't alot for an eighteen year old young woman with no college education or aspirations to do, except get into trouble. Which she did. It wasn't until she was nearing twenty that she finally learned to control her emotions, reign in her anger, and focus it into something worthwhile: fighting. To most people, it didn't sound like the most helpful thing for her to be doing. Most of the time, everyone's advice was go to college, get a job, become a substantial person in society. But one person understood, and that was all it took. Korra started going to night classes and even attended a couple of support group meetings for others who've lost loved ones. To this day, she doesn't like talking about her parents, but it helped opening up to people who shared a common ground. But most importantly, she began taking care of herself.

Now she lives in a small, one-bedroom apartment with her cat and goes to boxing classes at least three times a week. Korra has found that she's actually pretty good, and is thinking about mixing it up with other fighting styles. Her slight frame makes her quite agile and she's a lot stronger than she looks. Between boxing and getting her life straightened out, she had to put night school on hold, but she's been working at Starbucks as a barista for almost a year and has saved up a nice little sum of money, which she plans to use for college. Aside from that, with this new life ahead of her, the world is her oyster.

Comic Tie-Ins: » Blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl from Kansas.
» Spent some time in a "coma" and grew up without her parents since she was a teenager.
» Leigh is her middle name, a play off of one of Supergirl's aliases, Linda Lee.
» Anger issues.
» Has a pet cat.

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